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2024  Level 7 State Team Challenge Attendees


Alabama • California - North • California - South • Idaho • Illinois • Kansas • Louisiana • Maryland • Missouri •
Nevada •
New York - North • Oklahoma
• Pennsylvania • Texas • Washington


2024     All-Star Teams Included...

Colorado • Maryland • Pennsylvania

The State Team Challenge has been named for Patty Shipman, NAWGJ National Judges Cup Director (1990-2020) who lost her battle with pancreatic cancer in 2020.  She was a true advocate of the National Judges Cup and the State Team Challenge. 


Patty judged gymnastics for 35 years while volunteering on the event staff for USA Gymnastics, and serving as a National Association of Women's Gymnastics Judges (NAWGJ) State Judging Director.  At the time of her passing Patty was serving as the USA Gymnastics State Chairman, the NAWGJ Director of Finance, and the National Judges Cup Coordinator which she did for 25 years.


Her positive impact on the gymnastics community is unparalleled.

National Association of Women’s Gymnastic Judges Lifetime Achievement Award

In 2019 Patty Shipman was honored with the Life Member Award at the NAWGJ National Symposium.

Patty J. Shipman
Level 7 State Team Registration

Any USA Gymnastics registered Level 7 athlete member is eligible to participate on a Level 7 State Team as long as they meet the qualification procedure set forth by their state. Each state is responsible for setting their own qualification procedures for their state team. Contact your State Judging Director for more information on the qualification procedures for your state. If there is not one in place, teams may form their own state team. Teams consist of six (6) team members. All six compete with the top five (5) scores counting towards the final team total.  If you choose to travel an alternate with the team, they will compete in the session prior.  The six (6) competing team members must be specified by the conclusion of warm-up.  


To enter, send roster and mail check made payable to USA Competitions to:
Attn: Evelyn Paradis
32920 Alvarado Niles Road, Suite 210
Union City, CA  94587


Patty J. Shipman Level 7 State Team

Individual Registration   $150/gymnast


Team Entry   $75/state

Level 7 State Team Challenge Competition Format & Schedule


Competition Schedule

The Patty J. Shipman Level 7 State Team Challenge will be held the afternoon/evening of Saturday, January 4, 2025.


Competition Format

The Patty J Shipman Level 7 State Team Challenge will be conducted in a modified capitol cup format. The number of sessions will be determined based on the total number of state teams entered.

All athletes will march-in together.  The first three (3) athletes will warm-up/compete All Around in Session 1.  Following Session 1, the next three (3) athletes will warm-up/compete All Around in the opposite gym in Session 2.  

Individual and Team Awards will be presented at the conclusion of Session 2.


Additional Information


Team Pictures

Team photos will take place approximately one (1) hour before timed warmups.  


ALL team members will be eligible for individual placement awards based on the recommended age groups of USA Gymnastics. All team members will receive an all-around medal and be recognized on the awards stand. Team awards will be awarded to 1st to 10th place teams. Each team member will receive an award for their team placement. Team rankings will be determined by the total of the top five (5) scores from each event.

Coming Soon

Level 7 All Star Team Schedule

If you wish to bring an additional Level 7 State Team, they will compete in the Level 7 All Star Team Session, held the session prior to the Patty J Shipman Level 7 State Team Challenge.

Competition Schedule

The All Star Team session will be held midday/afternoon on Saturday, January 4, 2025.

Coming Soon

State Register
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